Arieegee is a recurring Fakegee who is a fusion of two unknown Fakegees requested by a YouTube user named Shawn Pollard for The Rise of Sqeegee 6. A design for him was not provided by the requester so Russmarrs2 had to create one for him. In his first appearance in the Rise of Sqeegee 6, he was fighting Fire Sqeegee with Omnieegee and Suteegee. He later appeared in the same episode and fought Malleo with Omnieegee as his partner once again. He later reappears in The Rise of Sqeegee 7, fighting Demon Sqeegee with Dario, and then reappearing again with Dario as his partner again (similar to how Omnieegee was his fighting partner twice in ROS6) and fought Demon Sqeegee once more, now with the help of another requested Fakegee named Lareegee. His latest appearance was in The Rise of Sqeegee 8, where he had briefly appeared to fight Sqeegee alongside Sage Xuigee, only to be thrown at Sqeegee. Arieegee later appears again in Sage Xuigee's second encounter with Sqeegee, where he is once again used as an attack. He has yet to appear since.

Trivia Edit

  • Sage Xuigee seems capable of summoning Arieegee whenever he pleases. Unfortunately for Arieegee, this is often done against his own will, and he is always used as an unwilling projectile.