Black Luster Sqeegee is a form Cyborg Sqeegee gains when he shoves his head up a Blooper's buttcrack. Yep, you read that right. Cyborg Sqeegee sneaks up on a blooper, and jumps up to it, forcing his head into its butt. It's pretty gross actually. Anyways, once this occurs, Cyborg Sqeegee is reborn as a non-cybernetic version of himself, more similar to the real Sqeegee. The blooper he joined with now appears on his head as a hat, and is now purple. He also wears a purple cloak and armor. Most of Black Luster's Sqeegee's attacks are related to the darkness like Dark Sqeegee's, and do not involve silly moves such as farting and peeing like Cyborg Sqeegee's moves do.

The Rise of Sqeegee 8 Edit

Black Luster Sqeegee appears in the Rise of Sqeegee 8, showing up after Cyborg Sqeegee rams his head up a blooper squid's butt. The result is Black Luster Sqeegee, who proclaims "Oh Yes." in a rather sexy voice upon his debut. He is then greeted by Barnacle Boy, who states "The creatures of the deep seem to have lost some of their luster." They then fight, with Black Luster Sqeegee winning. Black Luster Sqeegee then goes on to fight Michael Jackson, and wins, although Jackson still seems to be capable of getting up after being defeated. He makes he final appearance later on, prompting Omega Sqeegee to fuse with him. They fuse, and the result, is the insanely powerful Omnipotent Sqeegee.