Dark Angel Weegee

Dark Angel Weegee is the ultimate form of Weegee that is created when Weegee absorbs Malleo's dead body and springs into this form from their brotherly love. He is the only character that can harm Infinity Sqeegee and can Weegify entire planets at once. In this form, Weegee gets a vast new set of powers. He can possess people (although he wouldn't really need to because of he powerful he already is, and has never been seen doing this onscreen), and can be in multiple places at once. If he was absorbed by Sqeegee, then Sqeegee would become completely unstoppable. This form first appeared in The Rise of Sqeegee 8, during Weegee's fight against Omega Sqeegee. Weegee, who is losing pretty badly in the beginning, eventually finds Malleo's body and absorbs it, springing into Dark Angel Weegee, who is able to defeat Omega Sqeegee as their brotherly determination overpowers Sqeegee's hateful determination. Unfortunately, their victory is short-lived, as Black Luster Sqeegee fuses with Omega Sqeegee, creating the utterly unstoppable Omnipotent Sqeegee. Dark Angel Weegee tries his best to fight Omnipotent Sqeegee but, to no avail, Dark Angel Weegee is knocked unconscious and moments later absorbed, powering Omnipotent Sqeegee into SquidWordier. Weegee has not used this form since.

Rose Angel Weegee Edit


A variant of this form is used by "Weegee" in The Rise of Weegee, where it is obtained in the same manner. However, this form is significantly weaker than the Dark Angel Weegee from ROS8, due to the ROS8 Dark Angel Weegee springing from brotherly love whereas the Rose Angel Weegee that appears in ROW is bred by hatred and dominance.