Demon Sqeegee is a form of Sqeegee, He is not the most powerful form of Sqeegee, but attacks can go through him and he can shoot powerful beam swords that can impale Weegee and friends. Unlike most forms of Sqeegee, this is his actual spirit instead of just a regular form, and so, being dead, he cannot die, unless he is brought back to life. Sqeegee's spirit was put to rest in The Rise of Sqeegee 6 when Sqeegee was reduced to ash but came back engulfed with rage in The Rise of Sqeegee 7. At the starting of the Rise of Sqeegee 7, Demon Sqeegee rose from the ashes after the King farted on them. His fart burned the ashes even more and caused Sqeegee's spirit to rise from them. He then went on a rampage through Bikini Bottom again, and turned the shadow clone of Sqeegee Xuigee made into Dark Sqeegee, who rampaged with him. He had also hypnotized Suteegee into becoming Dark Suteegee earlier, but it didn't last too long. Although he could get partially harmed by attacks, he couldn't be killed as he was already a spirit. He fought much of Weegee's army and eventually possessed Muneegee, but was defeated by Waluigi and reverted back to regular Sqeegee, which killed Muneegee in the process.


  • Dsqee2

    Concept Art of Demon Sqeegee

    Demon Sqeegee was originally drawn on paper before having his final design made on the computer. This is different from most Sqeegee forms, as they did not have any concept art before their official designs were made.
    • There are a few differences between Demon Sqeegee's concept art and his final design. In the concept art, Sqeegee is shown with flames protruding from his hands and has spiky feet, along with his pants ending in a double spike shape. He also had two long, black spikes sticking out of his back. The final design did not have any of these features.