Fakegees (also often known as requests, depending on which kind), are Weegee-like characters who are often requested into the Rise of Sqeegee. Not all  


A crap-ton of Fakegees preparing to attack Demon Sqeegee

fakegees are requests, but a large majority of them are. The requested fakegees are often recolors of Weegee, either because the requester recolored Weegee for their character, or because someone asked Russmarrs2 to add their fakegee, who does not actually have a design made already, and so because Russmarrs2 does not really care that much he just recolors Weegee for said requested character. Most of the non-requested fakegees who were created by Russmarrs2, are characters who are drawn to look creepy like Weegee, but are not drawn exactly like him. Those could be considered semi-recolors since even though they are free drawn, they are still essentially creepy versions of Luigi with different colors and aspects.

As of recently and the Rise of Sqeegee 7 , a lot of characters who have nothing to do with Weegee have been requested and dubbed as "fakegees" although they are not actually fakegees, and instead, fan characters from other franchises, or simply characters from other franchises. When Russmarrs2 accepted some of these requests for the Rise of Sqeegee 7, he felt that because they were unrelated to Weegee and Spongebob , and Youtube Poop, he might as well add in some characters from his favorite franchises. This made it easy for Russmarrs2 to add Goku in without anyone saying that he did not fit in the Spongebob/Sqeegee world.

The most powerful fakegee in existence is Some Weird Weegee Some Random Guy Requested In, he is a living embodiment of every fakegee and request. He easily has the power to defeat any and every form of Sqeegee, but chooses not to so that once he is "killed" by Sqeegee (he fakes his death, twice), he can symbolize the short-lived appearance that every random fakeegee requested by random guys will have.