The Falcon Hauk Stare is a reverse version of the Sqeegee Stare that occurs when Falcon Hauk deflects Sqeegee's eye beams back to him. In the stare, 4 Falcon Hauk heads are shown in stead of Sqeegee heads, and a distorted version of Hauk's hit song, "Blue Orchid" plays. The background is also a blue swirly thing.

What is unique about this technique, is that it is the only instance of Sqeegee's stare being used against him, and was the only time Sqeegee was essentially caught in the "Sqeegee Stare". The ability to use the stare against Sqeegee seems to be one that is exclusive to Falcon Hauk, as he is the only being known with the ability to catch and throw the Sqeegee Stare wherever he wants.

Trivia Edit

  • Suteegee X.4 deflected Hyper Sqeegee's stare in the Rise of Sqeegee 6, but was unable to control the direction he was deflecting it in, unlike Hauk. It is unknown if this stare would have had any effect on Hyper Sqeegee had he been hit by it.