Final Sqeegee is the Evolution of Dark Sqeegee, Sqeegee, and Super Sqeegee all fused together. He is very powerful, and has very powerful blasts, and a better vision of Sqeegee Stare. He is also known as Ultimate Sqeegee.

Final Sqeegee

This is Final Sqeegee

Rise of Sqeegee 5Edit

Final Sqeegee first appeared in the Rise of Sqeegee 5, when Dark Sqeegee and Super Sqeegee's ashes came up to space and fused with Sqeegee to make Final Sqeegee. Final Sqeegee fought against Weegee and Leegee, and Mario and Luigi fused behind his back and Russmarrs2 finished off Final Sqeegee.

Rise of Sqeegee 6Edit

Final Sqeegee appeared in Rise of Sqeegee 6 with another fairly major role. Sqeegee, Super Sqeegee, Dark Sqeegee, Fire Sqeegee, and Metal Sqeegee fused to make Hyper Sqeegee and afterwards Final Sqeegee fought alongside him against Weegee and Suteegee 1.9999999. Eventually, Hyper Sqeegee's stare powered Suteegee 1.9999999 into Suteegee X.4, and Suteegee X.4 forcefully fused Hyper Sqeegee and Final Sqeegee into the regular Sqeegee, and Sqeegee got finished off.

Rise of Sqeegee 7Edit

Final Sqeegee had a brief appearance in the Rise of Sqeegee 7. Russmarrs2 cut Sqeegee in the stomach so hard that it separated the forceful fusion between Hyper Sqeegee and Final Sqeegee. After a brief interruption with Toad, they fused into Uber Sqeegee, who then proceeded to absorb Suteegee X.4 and Russmarrs2 to become Infinity Sqeegee.

Rise of Weegee Episode 2Edit

Final Sqeegee and his regular counterpart are subject to appear in the second episode of Rise of Weegee, getting the chance to fight "Weegee".