Fire Sqeegee

Fire Sqeegee is a form of Sqeegee who is unique because he uses firepower. His only appearance to date was in The Rise of Sqeegee 6, where he was born when Sqeegee absorbed a Fire Flower. From there, he proceeded to combat Suteegee, Arieegee and Omnieegee, and later on Mario, Luigi and Wario. The original Sqeegee split from him towards the end of that battle to defeat Mario and Luigi for good, and Fire Sqeegee did not appear again until the end, with the focus shifting to Metal Sqeegee for a little while. Fire Sqeegee later fought Weegee in space, where Suteegee showed up to back up Weegee, and then Metal Sqeegee showed up to back up Fire Sqeegee. The rest of Sqeegee's forms suddenly spawned and they fused (minus Final Sqeegee) into Hyper Sqeegee. Fire Sqeegee has not appeared since.

Trivia Edit

  • Him and Fire Malleo are the only transformations in the series that are related to firepower.