Hyper Sqeegee is one of the more powerful forms of Sqeegee. Hyper Sqeegee is pretty strong with one of the most powerful visions, and blasts.

Hyper Sqeegee

This is Hyper Sqeegee

He was created when Sqeegee seperated his forms from himself and fused back together with them (except for Final Sqeegee), taking their powers with him. Him and Ultimate Sqeegee fought against Suteegee and Weegee, and had outmatched them at first until Suteegee absorbed one of his attacks and changed his form. They still had a bit of the upperhand though, until Suteegee went up another form and became Suteegee X.4. Then, Suteegee and Weegee blasted them back together into Sqeegee, and killed him with a rainbow kamehameha. He is subjected to appear in  the Rise of Sqeegee 7.