Kaiser Sqeegee, also known as "Golden Sqeegee" or "Emperor Sqeegee" (Kaiser being German for "Emperor"), is one of Sqeegee's many forms, but is significantly different from his other forms. Unlike the other forms, he is a power-up of Sqeegee's base form, but with far more strength and speed, as well as a golden aura that causes him to become the color gold. He has the shortest appearance of any Sqeegee form. His only appearance was in The Rise of Sqeegee 7, where Sqeegee briefly powered up into this form after losing his Infinity Sqeegee form, to combat Super Saiyan God Weegee. It expires quickly, and has not been seen since.


  • Since Kaiser Sqeegee is more of a power-up than an actual form, it is possible that all of Sqeegee's forms have a Kaiser variant (i.e. Kaiser Super Sqeegee, Kaiser Dark Sqeegee, etc.).