The King

King Harkinian is the King of Hyrule and usually the main protagonist of YouTube Poop. He first appeared in the Rise of Sqeegee series in The Rise of Sqeegee 3, where Xuigee could summon him and use him to crush his enemies. He later reappeared in The Rise of Sqeegee 5, and killed Robot Sqeegee with his Dinner Blaster. In The Rise of Sqeegee 6, he had a metal block stolen from him by Sqeegee, causing him to transform into Metal Sqeegee. He appears once again in The Rise of Sqeegee 7, fulfilling a much larger part than he usually does in the Rise of Sqeegee series, receiving more screentime than any character other than Sqeegee himself. He first fights Dr. Robotnik, who is attempting to rob his castle, and a bit later into the fight, Guiyii. Afterwards, all three of them are attacked by Demon Sqeegee and Dark Sqeegee. Guiyii takes on Dark Sqeegee while the King and Dr. Robotnik take on Demon Sqeegee. Both of the Sqeegees get away in the end without any significant damage being done to either side, aside from the unfortunate Dr. Robotnik who falls into a hole created out of his fatness. The King later appears again alongside Morshu, trying to purchase stuff but being rejected for not being rich enough. Both of them are assaulted by Malleo and his army, but Sanic is killed by running offscreen into a pile of explosives and Drek gets killed when Dark Sqeegee later shows up. In the end, Dark Sqeegee retreats, leaving the fate of the rest of the battle unknown. He has yet to appear since then, aside from in the intro to The Rise of Sqeegee 8. He was mentioned by Link in the same episode, where Link turned out to have some sort of fetish for kissing the King.