Morshu ssj

As a Super Saiyan

Morshu is a shopkeeper in Hyrule who appears frequently in YouTube Poops. His first appearance in the Rise of Sqeegee series is in The Rise of Sqeegee 7. He is thought to just be a regular hobo who doesn't sell any of his items because they're the only things he owns, but he is actually one of the last surviving Saiyans, who can go Super Saiyan. In the Rise of Sqeegee 7, he first appears in his shop with the King, who seeks a purchase, but Morshu states that the King should come back when he's "richer". They are soon attacked by Malleo and his army, although the only member who seems to pose a significant threat is Malleo himself. Morshu goes Super Saiyan to fight them and does a good job until Dark Sqeegee arrives, where the attention immediately goes on him. Dark Sqeegee escapes before he can be seriously damaged, leaving the rest of the encounter at a cliffhanger. Morshu has not appeared since.