Eugine H. Krabs is a crab who lives in Bikini Bottom, he's the boss of SpongeBob SquarePants and Squidward Tentacles. He also owns The Krusty Krab. His rivial is Sheldon J. Plankton, who owns The Chum Bucket.

The Rise of SqeegeeEdit

Mr. Krabs appeared in the first ROS, he was working as a cashier, but then Sqeegee useed the stare on him.

The Rise of Sqeegee 3Edit

Mr. Krabs made a brief appearance in ROS3, until Sqeegee used the stare on him.

The Rise of Sqeegee 4Edit

Mr. Krabs made an appearance in ROS4, he first said "Yes!", to Dark Sqeegee destroying Plankton, then he had a Pokemon battle, where he evolved into Moar Krabs.

The Rise of Sqeegee 6Edit

Mr. Krabs returned in ROS6, where he asked "Squidward" what was going on, Sqeegee then used the stare on him, but he came back and attacked Sqeegee, but then Sqeegee ate him! (Don't even think of making any fanart of Sqeegee eating Mr. Krabs)

The Rise of Sqeegee 7Edit

Mr. Krabs was in ROS7 (he was choking), but then Dark Sqeegee killed him!

The Rise of Sqeegee 8Edit

Mr. Krabs appeared AGAIN in ROS8, where he fought against Cyborg Sqeegee. Cyborg Sqeegee then told him that he was choking and that he'd put him out of his misery, then Mr. Krabs said, "The only thing I'm choking on is my sexiness and my epicness, Cyborg Sqeegee then peed on him and he exploded.