NourGodly1592 on ROS7

NourGodly1592 is one of the most popular weegees on Weegeepedia. He also a Demi-God and one of the gods that can fight a mythical weegee called Hypneegee. He can also fight Demon Sqeegee without being controlled. His friends are Alphaweegee, Russmarrs2, Lrigee And more fakegees.

Ultimate NourGodly1592Edit

Ultimate NourGodly1592 is a most powerful form. However, This form can be only formed when NourGodly1592's in rage.


  • He's only one whos got the idea about Creepypasta Weegee. Now his creepypasta idea is one of the famous ideas on Weegeepedia
  • Despite that he got pushed by Infinity Sqeegee, he could still attack him by turning into True Form (High Percentage for this if NourGodly1592 is a main character)

Appearence in ROS7 Edit

He were appeared 2 times, One when Demon Sqeegee appeared, and one when Infinity Sqeegee here

When Demon Sqeegee teleported, he found Seegee, Yoshi Cupcrake and NourGodly1592, NourGodly1592 was doing nothing until he turned into Ultimate Form, then he used his Flame of Judgement to kill Demon Sqeegee but Sqeegee dodged, then he attacks with his lasers and Chi Blast until Demon Sqeegee runs away

Another thing when NourGodly1592 and Armageddongee appeared but they got pushed brutallity by Infinity Sqeegee due to Sqeegee's power level.