Quantum Xuigee
Quantum Xuigee is a form of Xuigee made when Xuigee absorbs starlight from space. In this form, he uses Quantum energy as attacks, and also has the speed advantage over Xuigee's other forms, but this form is limited, meaning it expires after a while. In The Rise of Sqeegee 7, Xuigee, Xeegee, Demon Sqeegee, and Dark Sqeegee all encountered each other. Xuigee and Demon Sqeegee went to fight in space, while Xeegee and Dark Sqeegee fought on ground. Xuigee transformed into Quantum Xuigee to fight Demon Sqeegee and his form eventually wore off and Demon Sqeegee gave up and teleported to Suteegee. Quantum Xuigee has not appeared since.