The Rise of Sqeegee 6 is the 5th sequel to the Rise of Sqeegee 1 and was released June 10, 2013 .


The Rise of Sqeegee 6 starts where the Rise of Sqeegee 5 left off. Squidward went back to earth after his Final Form was defeated by Weegee and Squidward was flushed down the toilet back to Bikini Bottom. He was so happy to no longer be Sqeegee and Weegee is throwing toilet paper at Squidward's house. One breaks the window and hits Squidward in the belly and it causes him to make an explosion destroying his house. He exits and Weegee throws another toilet paper at Squidward. Squidward then stares at Weegee and Weegee uses his lazer and it turns Squidward back into Sqeegee and then Weegee says "F**k" and teleports away. Sqeegee goes to the Krusty Krab and there he meets Mr. Krabs and gives him the Sqeegee Stare. Mr. Krabs comes back to life as Evil Krabs and fights Sqeegee and possessed him quickly and after Sqeegee returns to normal and it is unknown where Evil Krabs went. Sqeegee then teleported to Steak 'N' Shake where Weegee, Xeegee and Xuigee were having food. Sqeegee was trying to fight them but they ignored Sqeegee since they are eating their food so then Sqeegee blows up the food so that they could fight him and they got into a fight. Sqeegee blows up Steak 'N' Shake after a while and Sqeegee teleports away. He gets a Fire Flower (Possibly a random Weegee trapped in there by Malleo) and turns into Fire Sqeegee. Fire Sqeegee faces Suteegee and Suteegee starts off by shooting a blue ball and punches Fire Sqeegee down. Fire Sqeegee blasts Suteegee and they both charge up their power balls destroying the Krusty Krab. Fire Sqeegee teleports away and faces Arieegee, Omnieegee and Suteegee again. Fire Sqeegee uses the Fire Sqeegee Stare on Suteegee but Suteegee escapes it by panning Fire Sqeegee's face. Then they all teleport away. Fire Sqeegee faces Plankton and uses the Fire Sqeegee Stare on him (Possibly because he is mad that Plankton built a Robot Replica of him in the previous episode). Meanwhile Mario warns Luigi that Sqeegee is back. They kept on fighting until Wario came when Fire Sqeegee was using stare on Mario and Luigi. Wario tries to beat up Fire Sqeegee but he uses Fire Sqeegee Stare on Wario. After Wario dies Fire Sqeegee and Sqeegee become split and kick Mario and Luigi away. Sqeegee then teleports to King Harkinian and steals his Metal Box he was going to give to Link and turns into Metal Sqeegee. Metal Sqeegee teleports to Sandy and uses the Metal Sqeegee Stare on her. Malleo faces Arieegee and Omnieegee which Fire Sqeegee faced earlier. He uses the Malleo Airplane on them but Omnieegee kicks him away and Arieegee punches him down and he falls on the ground and explodes. Metal Sqeegee faces Weegee, Xeegee and Xuigee like he did earlier and gets in a fight with them. Metal Sqeegee then teleports to Leegee and his new brother Marioxs and fights them. Metal Sqeegee then teleports to Eurieegee and Goseiweegee and fights them. He then teleports to Maxeegee, Weegeelolcat11 and Oeegee who is the only one he seems to remember. He fights them just like the other Epic Weegee fights. Metal Sqeegee teleports away after the Epic Weegee fights and Fire Sqeegee teleports to Weegee, Xuigee and Xeegee. Fire Sqeegee and Weegee get in an air fight. Then Suteegee teleports into space. Then Super Sqeegee, Dark Sqeegee, Metal Sqeegee, Sqeegee and Final Sqeegee teleport to Fire Sqeegee. They all fuse (Except for Final Sqeegee) and it creates Hyper Sqeegee. They were beating up Suteegee so Suteegee transformed into Suteegee 1.9999999. Then they continued fighting. Hyper Sqeegee then throws 2 hyper balls at Suteegee 1.9999999 turning him into Suteegee X.4. They squeeze Final Sqeegee and Hyper Sqeegee together turning them back into Sqeegee and Suteegee X.4 blasts him into earth burning him to ash.

Offscreen Summary: Bringing Meegee back to lifeEdit

While Fire Sqeegee was battling Mario, Luigi and Wario, Weegee spying on them. Weegee then walked behind the Krusty Krab and found a recovery center and dreamed of him reviving Meegee. He revived Meegee and then told Meegee to stay calm. Malleo went to Weegee and said "Who is that?" Weegee replies saying my new brother Meegee and then Malleo says "Well whoever wins the fight gets to be Weegee's current brother GO!" Meegee obviously wins the fight and Malleo gets so angry that he gets pissed and beats up several of Weegee's Army. Malleo then gets killed by Arieegee and Omnieegee but survives and gets fully pissed and becomes Evil Malleo.

Offscreen Summary: What Super Sqeegee and Dark Sqeegee were doingEdit

They escaped Fire Sqeegee after he got a Fire Flower. They then decided they should fuse. They fused and became Semi-Final Sqeegee. He teleported to The King and stole the Metal Box they became Semi-Hyper Sqeegee. Semi-Hyper Sqeegee teleported away and The King got out another Metal Box. They approach Plankton's computer wife Karen and they use the Semi-Hyper Sqeegee Stare on her. He then teleported to Mario, Luigi and Wario. Wario revealed that the Fire Sqeegee Stare did not kill him it just injured him and he didn't want to get injured anymore so he called Waluigi. Waluigi quoted that "Sqeegee! You hurt my brother! Payback time!" and then Waluigi hits Semi-Hyper Sqeegee with his tennis rack. Semi-Hyper Sqeegee then teleports away. Semi-Hyper Sqeegee teleports to Oeegee and Oeegee says "Sqeegee!" and they fight. Oeegee easily gets beaten and then Semi-Hyper Sqeegee teleports away and splits into Dark Sqeegee and Super Sqeegee and fuses with Fire Sqeegee, Metal Sqeegee and Sqeegee.

Alternate EndingEdit

When Weegee and Suteegee X.4 squeezed Final Sqeegee and Hyper Sqeegee together it creates Uber Sqeegee and then Uber Sqeegee blasts Suteegee X.4 into the earth. Weegee then gets mad and blasts Uber Sqeegee back into earth turning him back into Squidward. Squidward then gets hit by explosive toilet paper and turns into ash.


  • Budgeegee (Debut, cameo,very short appearance,if you think this is the shortest appearance in the rise of sqeegee series,you should see Robo Sqeegee, robot sqeegee's first try)


  • Budgeegee makes a cameo in the pokemon fight with mario,and luigi as well as 3 mario heads that appear when mario uses "im-a going to fly for you.
  • Even though Oeegee returns, Elieegee does not return because Russmarrs2 the creator of the series does not remember the person who created Elieegee and he thinks the person who created Elieegee left youtube. If the creator was still on or if Russmarrs2 remembered Elieegee would've been in Rise of Sqeegee 6.
  • It is unknown if Steak 'N' Shake was rebuilt in the Upcoming Next Episode.
  • As in one of the comments, Arieegee was born from a fusion.
  • Many viewers may believe that Russmarrs2 got the idea of Metal Sqeegee when one of the commenters said that "Which one will be in Rise of Sqeegee 6 Dark Sqeegee or Super Sqeegee?" and Russmarrs2 replied saying "Maybe Dark Sqeegee. But I was going to add a new form called Metal Sqeegee."
  • Also he said maybe Dark Sqeegee will appear, both of them appeared (But only as cameos).

Rise of Sqeegee 6Edit


  • When Marioxs is introduced, his name is misspelled "Mariox".
    Youtube Poop The Rise of Sqeegee 6

    Youtube Poop The Rise of Sqeegee 6