Sage xuigee

Sage Xuigee is a form of Xuigee that appears in The Rise of Sqeegee 8. In this form, Xuigee becomes a master ninja with years of wisdom due to years of training in his ninja dojo, however, he is also incredibly drunk to a point where he loses the power to go back to normal. According to Russmarrs2, Xuigee has been in this form since the Rise of Sqeegee 8.

The Rise of Sqeegee 8 Edit

Sage Xuigee first appears after Sqeegee first teleports/crashes into his dojo. Xuigee then says these exact words: "Sqeegee, how dare you enter my dojo". "No matter, you won't win against my sage form". A few milliseconds or so after that, Xuigee gets this strange red and yellow aura around him causing him to turn into Sage Xuigee. After knocking Sqeegee down and shooting him with a lot of purple blasts, Sage Xuigee and Sqeegee fly out of his dojo and Arieegee teleports to help him fight Sqeegee for a short few seconds. After that, the battle continues for another few minutes until Sage Xuigee fart blasts into Sqeegee and Sqeegee headbutts him away to another place.

After Black Luster Sqeegee battles Michael Jackson, it shows Sage Xuigee and Sqeegee standing in a city. With Suicide Mousegee in the background, Sage Xuigee says to Sqeegee, "Sqeegee, stop this madness now, or I will be forced to kill you!" Sqeegee responds to him with "I do what I want, scrub". Sage Xuigee replys to Sqeegee "Fine then... YOU WILL DIE." Sage Xuigee commences the first attack with a blue blast, and then a few moments later fires Arieegee again in the battle. Sqeegee knocks Sage Xuigee over with a rock and he falls over. Sqeegee is about to defeat Sage Xuigee, but Suteegee and Xeegee fire a giant laser blast causing Sqeegee to target them instead. They fuse into Suxeegee, but Sqeegee turns into Uber Sqeegee, causing them to also get defeated. Uber Sqeegee absorbs them while saying "Such poor excuses for fighters..." "Still... once I obtain their power, I will become unstoppable." before becoming Omega Sqeegee. A long time later, after Sqeegee becomes SquidWordier, Sage Xuigee is knocked down next to Malleo's corpse. After Laneegee, Falcon Hauk and SpongeBob defeat SquidWordier, Sage Xuigee appears in the end scene saying his last words in the episode, "I know bro... It really sucks." and then Suteegee X.4 says to him "Umm... Are you on drugs?". Sage Xuigee then says his absolute last words, "In a few hours, the sun will rise. Don't you agree Weegee-sama?", and then Weegee says "Guess that answers that question." After SpongeBob says "The End", it's literally the end.  

The Rise of Weegee Edit

Sage Xuigee is the first character to appear at all in the series. He makes his debut in the first episode. The episode first starts off with Sage Xuigee saying "I sense a disturbance in the force.". A mysterious voice then says "You're pretty keen for someone who's about to die.". After that, "Weegee" is seen from on top of a building in Xuigee's Dojo. "Weegee" then says "This world shall be PURGED.". Sage Xuigee then replies to "Weegee" "I'm sorry but who are you supposed to be?". "Weegee" then says "Oh? I'm surprised you haven't heard of me." "My name is Weegee.". Sage Xuigee says to him "What kind of moron do you think I am?". "Weegee" responds "Any kind of moron works, really." "Now die.". "Weegee" then rams into Sage Xuigee causing them to have their fight on a road. "Weegee" then says "Any last words before I kill you?" and Sage Xuigee farts on him causing him to get pushed away. Sage Xuigee then says "Good grief...". "Weegee" then says "I will punish you for your insolence.". "Weegee" then gets the magical cosmic sword out of his hand and then says the classic "YOU MUST DIE!" and charges towards Sage Xuigee, and they both go into the air and Sage Xuigee says "Feel the wrath of Hitler!" and fires Swastikas at "Weegee". "Weegee" deflects them and hits him with his sword causing Sage Xuigee to fall into his dojo breaking the spot of the roof that he fixed last episode before saying "Come on, I just got that thing redone!". "Weegee" then says to him "There is only one Weegee and it is I. "You and your friends are mere fakes, "Fakegees". "Weegee" then charges at Sage Xuigee but Sage Xuigee fart blasts "Weegee" into the air and says "I'm always drunk and even I know that Weegee-sama wears green, not black.". "Weegee" then says "Your words have no meaning, as does your existence." before hitting him with a blast and knocking him onto the floor. "Weegee" then says "Fakes such as yourself have unique death stares, and yet you don't use them to harm others." "This is why you are weak." "Now I shall punish you with the power you have neglected all your life." "Behold, this is the Weegee Virus!" and then he fires a blast at Sage Xuigee causing him to become a Weenee version of himself, more commonly known by the creator of this series as Sage Xuinee. Sage Xuinee then says "what the frick" and "Weegee" says "You should be honored." "You will live your final moments a much more sophisticated race.". Sage Xuinee then says "hey bro hope you don't mind but i'd rather not be killed by a crazed lunatic" "so bye" before teleporting away. "Weegee" then says "Oh well, guess I'll just have to kill him some other time." "After all... There is still much work to be done." before the intro plays. For more on Sage Xuigee's role after being turned into a Weenee, visit Sage Xuinee.