Seege is a reverse-engineered clone of Suteegee made in a similar way (albeit with a different appearance) who makes his debut in The Rise of Sqeegee 8 as one of numerous Fakegees that fight Gentle Sqeegee. His initial desire is to kill Suteegee and anyone in his way of doing so, however what nobody could know is that Seege has bigger plans than just killing his lookalike. He has a more elven appearance to emphasize his desire to differentiate himself from Suteegee, as evident in his pointy boots. He fights against Gentle Sqeegee in the Rise of Sqeegee 8 alongside Neegee and Bryeegee, and later appears in The Rise of Weegee, making his debut in the second episode, this time with a bigger role than in ROS8, actually getting the chance to fight Suteegee.

The Rise of WeegeeEdit

Seege makes his debut in the second episode, where he initially attacks Suteegee, who is very confused on why Seege wants to kill him. Seege explains that it is because he is a failed Weegee clone created by Luigi, who was supposed to fight against the Weegee virus, but ultimately ended up joining it. Seege continues on about how Luigi spiraled into a deep depression as a result until he created Seege. When Seege awoke, Luigi told him one thing, "destroy his failure.", and that's what he attempts to do, only to be defeated by Suteegee's overwhelming strength. Seege is then forced to begrudgingly help Suteegee, and returns in the third episode with Suteegee, where the two of them spend the day at Luigi's Lab, checking out their birthplace. They soon find an intruder who is attempting to steal Luigi's Time Machine, and Seege tries to stop them, only to accidentally give away how the Time Machine works. Seege and Suteegee watch the intruder go back in time, and have not appeared since, although they will both return in episode 4 with Luigi.


  • Seege's color scheme is actually a reverse version of Suteegee's color scheme.
  • Seege seems to value getting the objective complete over his own survival, as seen in The Rise of Weegee episode 2, where he says "It matters not if I die, only that you die.".