A super fututristic weegee from 2098 who trys and tells weegee a warning in the final battle of 2098 sqeegee will be indesturitble but then he said that Weegee and the Gee team were the Chosen Ones To Kill him ONCE AND FOR ALL. Heres a picture of him defeating sqeegee in 1479.Hes like the terminator expect hes sorta like weegee. Powers: Death Stare (if you take his sunglasses off),Lazer 9999 Vison: Power: Max Speed:Low,Youwantbombs? Power: over max Special: Creates Fire too Speed: Max. He will appear in the Rise Of Sqeegee 7 but looks differently.But in the last Rise of sqeegee he will be all futuresitic and cool and OP. How he did this was that when he was created in NASA Space Airlines,Neptune. He reached Alpha Centauri then got back in time in 2098 and to help Weegee once he saw him fighting with Mario and luigi in space trying to stop sqeegee.BTW He also has a Fire Sword Power: Normal Fast:Max Special: Fire! Friends: Weegee,The Gee


Team,RcP476,Polandeegee. Rivals:Sqeegee,The Menace of 2098,Moar Krabs. He is now in the rise of sqeegee 7 punching demon sqeegee in the face and shoop da whooped him.Heres the ros 7 were he attacks demon sqeegee:

BTW The UCE stands for U Can't Evenbepowerfulthanme XD
Weegee-International Center of Photography
Alpha Centauri Battle
Seegee's Teeth