Suxeegee using the Spirit Sword

Spirit Sword is a technique used by Suxeegee in his second form. The attack consists of a long green, blue and white energy blade that Suxeegee projects out of his hand. Suxeegee either swings his arm in an up and down motion to repeatedly slash his enemy with the attack, or he will stab them with the blade and throw them from a really high distance.

Variations Edit


Xuigee's "Quantum Blade"

There are a few variations of the Spirit Sword that have been used by characters other than Suxeegee. Two of them are different colored versions used by Omega Sqeegee and Omnipotent Sqeegee, as they gained the power to use the attack after absorbing Suxeegee. Another more notable version of the attack was used by Quantum Xuigee in the Rise of Sqeegee 7. The version Xuigee uses is significantly less powerful than Suxeegee's Spirit Sword and is called Quantum Blade. The Quantum Blade is colored light blue and is almost identical in shape to the spirit sword, but is swung in a more circular motion and can only inflict one slash on Xuigee's opponent once rather than multiple ones.

Trivia Edit

  • Suxeegee's Spirit Sword is almost the exact same (aside from the color) as the attack also known as "Spirit Sword" used by Vegito from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Like Suxeegee, Vegito is also a fusion. This means that both Spirit Swords are used by fusions.