Squidward Tentacles is a squid living in Bikini Bottom. He serves as a supporting character in The Rise of Sqeegee series. His only major appearances are in Weegee Towers and The Rise of Sqeegee 8. In Weegee Towers, he, along with SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs were being spied on by Weegee and almost got turned into Sqeegee. Later on, in The Birth of Sqeegee, Weegee and his brother Meegee entered his house, presumably to add him to the Fakegee army. Squidward's scream messed up the stare however, resulting in him becoming a distorted Fakegee named Sqeegee. Sqeegee was reverted back into Squidward at the end of The Rise of Sqeegee 1 when Weegee had punched him, but soon caught the Weegee Virus on his laptop and became Sqeegee again. Squidward was mentioned four times in The Rise of Sqeegee 2. Once by SpongeBob, once by Patrick and twice by Sqeegee. Not much is known about Squidward outside of SpongeBob. All that is known is that Sqeegee did not turn back into Squidward until The Rise of Sqeegee 5, and even that moment was short-lived, as he soon turned back into the Sqeegee in the immediate sequel The Rise of Sqeegee 6, as a result of Weegee accidentally transforming him again with his laser. He does have a bit of a larger role in the Rise of Sqeegee 7 as he attempts to kill Weegee for turning him into Sqeegee by transforming into Suicide Squidward, a form that is equally powerful to Sqeegee. He is killed by the combined power of Goku, Meweegee and Russmarrs2 at the end of it, making it the only time he died as Squidward instead of Sqeegee.

The Rise of Sqeegee 8

In The Rise of Sqeegee 8, Squidward has the largest role he's ever had in the entire series. When Dark Angel Weegee is defeated by Omnipotent Sqeegee, he is absorbed by him. The result causes Omnipotent Sqeegee to power up even further, only he becomes an even more powerful form of Squidward known as SquidWordier rather than another form of Sqeegee. In his SquidWordier form, Squidward took on Falcon Hauk, Laneegee and SpongeBob all at once without taking any damage. He eventually got bored of toying with them and struck them all down, although strangely enough they managed to survive and even tried to fight on. Squidward proceeded to tell them that it was hopeless and they had already lost. SpongeBob and Falcon Hauk seemed to get the memo as they went off for a little bit, but Laneegee kept trying anyways. However, once Malleo killed Sqeegee (who was inside of SquidWordier's body), Squidward lost his invincibility. This gave Falcon Hauk a chance at winning, and so he engaged Squidward in a final bout, where the latter was defeated by Hauk's falcon punch. Squidward then reverted to his base form, and started whining to SpongeBob about how "It's not fair!" SpongeBob told him to go away, as he had no power anymore, but Squidward said that he had no desire to rule everything in the first place, stating that he just did it because being turned into Sqeegee drove him insane. SpongeBob then tells Squiddy that if his clarinet playing wasn't so bad, he would have never gotten the Weegee virus in the first place. This confuses Squidward, and SpongeBob explains that his bad clarinet playing is a curse that causes bad things to happen to him, such as Weegee coming to his house and turning him into Sqeegee. Squidward then asks if SpongeBob even has any ideas on how he could get better at the clarinet, to which Bob replies "Ever tried taking lessons, retard?" Squidward realizes Spongebob is right, and then leaves to take clarinet lessons at the Bikini Bottom Rec Center.

The Rise of Weegee

Despite not appearing at all by far, it is revealed that Xeegee has been stalking him to ensure that he doesn't turn into Sqeegee again. Squidward is subject to appear in the fourth episode.

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