Ssjgod weegee

Weegee as a Super Saiyan God


Goku as a Super Saiyan God


Mermaid Man's Super Saiyan God form

Super Saiyan God is the most powerful of the Super Saiyan transformations. It can be obtained if five Saiyans give one all of their energy, allowing the one Saiyan to become a Super Saiyan God. It appears as a transformation for Goku and Weegee in The Rise of Sqeegee 7. It serves as the second most powerful form of Weegee, the first being Dark Angel Weegee. Despite being the strongest variant of Super Saiyan, it is still not enough to strike down even Infinity Sqeegee. Goku first entered this form when he sensed Infinity Sqeegee's presence, and when he had attacked Infinity Sqeegee, that was when he realized the true extent of Sqeegee's power, and how himself alone wouldn't be enough to stop it. As a result, he gave Weegee some of his power, powering Weegee up to the form as well, but it ultimately takes an attack from Suteegee X.4 from the inside that reverts Sqeegee back into his regular form. Unfortunately for Weegee, the form expires just moments after Kaiser Sqeegee appeared. The Super Saiyan God form is later used by Mermaid Man in The Rise of Sqeegee 8, although he still ends up getting defeated by Gentle Sqeegee nonetheless.