Suteegee x.4 2

Suteegee X.4's previous design

Suteegee X.4 is the ultimate form of Suteegee. He can power up to this form if he is either in his base form or Suteegee 1.9999999 when charging. He transforms into this state in The Rise of Sqeegee 6 by taking in Hyper Sqeegee's stare. He and Weegee then force Hyper Sqeegee and Final Sqeegee back into Sqeegee's normal form, and Suteegee shoots him with a rainbow Kamehameha, burning him to the ground. In The Rise of Sqeegee 7, he gained a knife in this form, and teleported to Russmarrs2 to fight Uber Sqeegee, but was absorbed by him alongside Russmarrs2. He used his knife to his advantage to attack Infinity Sqeegee while he was distracted with Super Saiyan God Weegee, reverting Sqeegee back to his normal form, and freeing both Suteegee X.4 and Russmarrs2. Suteegee X.4, while still technically there, does not do anything for the rest of the episode. He reappears in The Rise of Sqeegee 8, where he and Xeegee fight against Cyborg Sqeegee when first seen. This is the first time Suteegee powered up to him without powering up to Suteegee 1.9999999 first, proving that he doesn't have to transform into the latter first. Him and Xeegee get finished off by Cyborg Sqeegee's fart, however. Later, after Sqeegee was about to finish off Sage Xuigee, he and Xeegee stopped him from using a powerful ball of energy. They then fused, resulting in Suxeegee, and they fought Uber Sqeegee, who is also a fusion. Suxeegee was eventually penetrated through the chest and killed by Uber Sqeegee. This resulted in Uber Sqeegee absorbing both him and Sage Xuigee, turning him into Omega Sqeegee. Later, Suxeegee survived getting absorbed, and fought with Sqeegee alongside Weegee inside of SquidWordier's body. Suxeegee eventually used Kaio-ken, where he almost finished off Sqeegee, but the Kaio-ken shortened their fusion time, and both of them got penetrated through the chest, resulting in their downfall. After Fire Malleo and Falcon Hauk destroy both Sqeegee and SquidWordier, Suteegee X.4 as well as everyone else comes back to life, where they all go home except for SpongeBob, who camps out on screen and Squidward, who goes to the Bikini Bottom Rec. Center to learn how to play the clarinet.