Suxeegee is a fusion between Suteegee X.4 and Xeegee that appears in the Rise of Sqeegee 8. Unlike other fusions such



as Russmarrs2 and Meweegee, Suxeegee is very retarded looking. He bears a very close resemblance to Spongegar, or Primitive Spongebob as he is really known. Suxeegee's name, despite being a combination of the names "Suteegee" and "Xeegee" is also a pun on the word "sucks", as in "Sucks-Eegee", because he is such a sucky fusion. This is why his name is spelled as "Suxeegee" instead of "SutXeegee". Despite his suckiness however, Suxeegee is actually an extremely powerful fusion, being leagues stronger than Russmarrs2, the fusion of Mario and Luigi.


Suxeegee's second form

Oddly enough though, Suxeegee has a less sucky second form. This form is shaped more like Suteegee and Xeegee rather than Primitive Spongebob. It is considered his full power form but does not contain that large of a boost in power.