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Gameplay of The Rise of Sqeegee: The Video Game

The Rise of Sqeegee: The Video Game is a video game created by Russmarrs2 in 2011, based off of The Rise of Sqeegee 4 in Game Maker, but it was not much more than a novelty as the sprites weren't very high quality (because the outlines weren't erased at the time the game was made) and the gameplay consisted of playing Dark Sqeegee shooting Xuigee and Xeegee. You can download it by clicking this. Although this was one of Russmarrs2's game maker games, he did not upload it to his Yoyo Games account since it was mainly just a novelty game made years earlier, unlike the Mario games he made which had more complex gameplay and levels.

Playable Characters (ROS4)Edit

Nonplayable Characters (ROS4)Edit